Making Garden Art and patio pieces from old items

I love junking, dumpster diving or heading to the auction looking for pieces I can turn into art and garden items. It adds fun to the backyard and what you create ofter turns into a focal point for the entire backyard.  Rustic in Elwood
Creative Commons License photo credit: Valerie Everett

Last Friday I went to the auction. I picked up a vintage window, which I removed the old glass from. It’s the type of windows with the small panes. I will keep the old bubbled glass for fused glass projects or stained glass creations.

I put screen on the back of the window frame and added half of an old wooden bowl to the bottom. I can line this with plastic and plant in it or fill it with old antiques for that funky look. This will look good hanging on the back patio.

The item that I will have the most fun with is an old heater. It’s one of those small upright kerosene heaters. This one is very old but in good shape. Someone painted it a barn red and it has faded from age. What I like to do with these is buy the white Christmas lights that flicker. You place them inside the stove and the flickering looks like a fire burning. It’s a great look for a porch or outdoor garden in the summer. In the winter it adds to a family room.

I also picked up an old metal bed head frame. It was in rough shape but it will make a great back to grow small vines on. I can leave it plain or if I decide to get creative cover the bed frame with chicken wire then coat with a cement mix to get a stone look. If I mixed that with hypertyfu pots that would have a fun look

I paid one dollar for these items. I also picked up two baskets and some pots for the garden for another dollar. New Clay Flower Pots
Creative Commons License photo credit: bestfor

With spring on its way, it’s time to think Garden Art and what I can create over in the barn.

I have an area I have named creation corner and it’s where I store all my auction finding and items to turn into fun garden art.

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