Medicinal Gardens – Plant list for your Medicinal Garden

A medicinal garden is a plus to any yard. The flowers are beautiful, easy to take care of and have healing benefits. There are many herbs that can be used in a medicinal garden. I have listed a few of the more popular and easy to use herbs below.

I have left herbs out that of this list that require a better understanding of their uses. I highly recommend studying the uses of herbs if you are interested in a larger medicinal garden.

  • Angelica has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Dry the leaves. You can make an herbal tea that is good for increased energy and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Calendula is one of my favorite flowers. Besides being pretty and easy to care for it has many useful purposes. If you steep flowers in water you can make a mouthwash that is good for the gums. Creams are also made from calendula petals and plantain leaves to heal cuts and wounds.
  • Catnip is known for its mild sedative properties for both cats and humans. The herb tea is taken as a natural cold remedy and fever reducer. It is also an herbal remedy for headaches and upset stomach.
  • Chamomile has sedative properties. It is steeped in water to make an herb tea. It can be used as a sleep inducer. It is also popular in crèmes to treat rough or dry skin.
  • Common Yarrow is taken as a natural cold remedy for the flu and to reduce a fever. It is brewed abs a tea for this purpose. Yarrow is often used in combination with elderflower and peppermint as a natural cold remedy. You can use the flower petals and make into a cream to treat cuts.
  • Coriander has natural sedative properties. You can use an herbal tea as a sleep or calming aid.
  • Dandelion – Many people consider dandelion a weed but it has many useful purposes. Use as a tea for over all health. It is also a diuretic and good for loosing weight.
  • Echinacea Purpurea, known as the Purple Coneflower, are beautiful easy to care for flowers. They are popular in flowerbeds and attract butterflies. When steeped in water, and used as a tea it stimulates the immune system.
  • Feverfew can be used as a home remedy for headache, particularly migraines. As an herbal tea, it is taken to reduce fevers or prevent muscle spasms.
  • Horehound is often mixed with honey as a sore throat remedy. Candy has been made out of it for years that are good used as a cough drop.
  • Hyssop is used as a natural cold remedy and home remedy for sore throat. A tea is made from the hyssop.
  • Peppermint can be used an inhalant to loosen phlegm. It’s also a flavoring that has been used for years and a popular tea that seems to have a sooth effect.
  • Plantain is a natural healing herb. If you are out in the woods or field and cut your self you can use a plantain leaf as a bandage until you get home. The elastic ridges in the leaves help hold the leaf in place. I have used this for cuts many times.
  • St. John’s Wort has sedative properties. It is often prescribed as herbal remedy for depression. This herb must be used with extreme care! It’s also a very pretty delicate flower.
  • Steep Sweet Basil leaves in water to make an herbal tea that is used as a remedy for indigestion. It can be used as a cold oil to massage sore muscles. Basil is one of the most popular herbs used in cooking and many recipes.
  • Thyme is an herb with many uses. If you make an herbal tea with honey it is used as an extremely effective sore throat remedy and eases scratchy coughs. It is another herb with many culinary uses.
  • The Valerian root has sedative properties and is used to treat anxiety. It is often made into a crème and used as a home remedy for acne and skin rashes. Please use extreme care with this herb.

Herbs look nice with added garden art, particularly wood items or old farm tools. They also thrive in containers.

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  1. Medicinal Herbs

    Nice information herbs are mainly derived from plants.Herbs gardening is a very easy thing to do once you made the right preparations and informed yourself well. I will give you a good overview on what you need to know to successful herbs gardening. Herbs can add a touch of magic to your garden with their supernatural associations and practical uses.

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