Mini Theme Garden – Six Pack Garden – Garden Tip

If you need a small interesting mini theme garden you can plant a six pack garden in no time at all. It looks great at a party or on a patio or deck.

I use an empty six pack of pop that comes with the plastic holder they have to keep the cans together. I cut the top off the pop cans and rinse. When they are dry I put the cans back in the plastic holder and fill with dirt.

The cans do not hold a lot of dirt so I plant one small annual in each can. Quite often I choose Portulaca for a annual and the vinca vine perennial and mix the two.

If you poke a hole in the cans for drainage you will need a small tray to sit the six pack on.

I have used this on the deck, porch or as a centerpiece at a picnic. Kids love it at a party.

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