New uses for old garden tools

When the gardens are dying down and winter is approaching for many of us we find ourselves doing those odd garden chores like sorting through garden tools.

I tend to collect old garden tools. You never know when you might need a new handle for you favorite tool or a tool might break. But, many of us have too many tools.

If you find yourself in this position you may get inspiration from these useful purposes for old tools: Garden Art!

garden art from old tools
image by Denise Grant

A combination of old unused garden tools and old tools creates a whimsical bird. Most of these items you probably have in the potting shed or garage.

I have set aside a stash of tools that could be turned into animals, birds, wreaths or trellises.

During the cold winter months this will be one of my projects, creating garden art. I will also spend a few weeks canvasing the local scenery looking for inspirational garden art created by local gardeners. I plan to use these ideas to create my own tool garden art.

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4 responses to “New uses for old garden tools”

  1. More! More! How can I buy one of these?

  2. oooops! Misspelled my own darn name. It’s really LareAU (rhymes with arrow).

  3. Denise

    These are pretty unique. I have about 6 designs and plenty of old garden tools. It may keep me out of trouble for a month or so while I make a few.

  4. Fixed it for you Chris. (if I don’t spell my name wrong once a day I worry that my typing might be improving)

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