NW Pa’s First snowfall?

They are calling for our first light snow fall tomorrow and Friday.

I don’t have all the outdoor garden chores done plus I am really not ready for winter weather so I hope they are wrong. Mid October seems too early for a snowfall although I know we usually have a few warning snowfalls before winter sets in.

The leaves are still hanging on the trees and hopefully we will enjoy their beauty for a few more days after our taste of winter weather.

I believe this might be what they call Squaw Winter, which is usually followed by Indian summer.

As our summer was cold and wet and made for problems with gardens and crops I hope we have a long Indian summer.

For those who make apple cider it is also said that you need a good frost to bring out the best flavor in cider. We have made cider on and off for many years and I do think the best cider is made later in the season.

And for those who follow signs in nature, most wooly bear caterpillars show a long harsh winter. And the Oak trees and Apples trees have few fruit, which usually signifies a mild winter.

So do you believe we will have a harsh or mild winter?

Update: We missed the snow during the day but by Friday morning the snow was clinging to the tree limbs and covered the ground. And as typical for the first snow, it is gone, but still cold.

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2 responses to “NW Pa’s First snowfall?”

  1. Diana

    I can’t believe you are getting snow already Denise! It really is too early and whatever happened to summer and fall?

    Totally unfair…unlike here in Florida as we are having record high temperatures for this time of the year.

    .-= Diana´s last blog ..It is time to Clean up the Garden for the Winter Months =-.

  2. We usually get one early snowfall to remind of what will come 😉 But I would have preferred not loosing the power!

    Above average temps???? Whats your address? Denise
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..NW Pa’s First snowfall? =-.

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