Obama:Victory Garden at the White House?

Many years ago when the economy was suffering and people were looking for jobs, a program called Victory Garden was set into action. Its purpose was to help supply wholesome healthy food for the family and community. One of its other purposes was to ease the governments financial burden of helping to supply food for the American population and use the money saved for the servicemen and war what we were in. 2004- The Farm in Summer
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As Obama enters office as the 44th President of the United States several organizations have raised the issue of again raising a garden on the White House lawns. Obama has stood for change in government and leans back on many of Lincoln and Roosevelt’s ideas. What better way to promote healthy food and ease the financial burden of the government and families than by promoting a program made popular by Roosevelt during the war?

This program would also teach self-sufficiency and bring back fresh, healthy food raised by organic means with out being saturated with chemicals. Many of the victory gardens were run as community gardens. These victory gardens brought neighbors together were they would become friends, share ideas and create a stronger united community.

Victory Gardens have had an important part in the white house history in the past. During World War I, Woodrow Wilson’s wife Edith grazed sheep on the White House lawn. Eleanor Roosevelt grew carrots and beans on the same lawn, during WW11 to inspire Americans to plant their own “Victory Gardens”. The Roosevelt’s promoted Victory Gardens and the program during this time helped the American families to raise 40 % of their own food. The program was promoted through government programs and even at schools and businesses.Mariquita Farms Jan delivery
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With the formal layout of the White House lawns, it might be considered to clash and not be proper but what better statement for our society could there be than a Victory Garden nestled on the white House lawn. As avid gardeners know,  gardens can be a work of art and beauty with proper layout and could easily fit into the formal gardens. And the most positive outcome of a White House Victory Garden would be promoting fresh healthy food without chemical and families enjoying fresh air and exercise together.

There are several organizations promoting a Victory Garden on the White House lawn. Check out The Who Farm and their amazing traveling rooftop garden or Kitchen Gardeners International

With the new gardening season approaching this is the time to consider growing a Victory Garden or participating in a community garden.

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9 responses to “Obama:Victory Garden at the White House?”

  1. Hi Denise,

    Great post and great idea!

  2. Teriss

    Victory indeed, what a fitting concept and it so pairs up with green energy, buying into the local economy which saves energy and supports local business. It is finally happening that these policies will trickle from the top down, not the other way around. Obama will make this a top priority -I am sure. Great idea and I totally support it.

  3. Excellent post! I think everyone should be doing this- I’m trying extra hard this year to grow more, for my family and friends as well. I think if Obama did this it would be fantastic!

  4. Denise

    Teri… It would be nice if Obama had a garden. It would set and example for us and would definitely help our economy. Thanks for stopping by! Denise

  5. Denise

    Hi Tessa,

    I agree its important to grow as much as we can, plus its better produce anyways. I am going to help my brother set up a raised bed garden this year by his house. He loves to garden but with a bad back its more difficult. But I have great plans for a compact raised bed that really makes a garden an oasis, so this should add to his yard and family entertaining too. Thanks for stopping by, Denise

  6. Yes, a raised garden is really nice if you have a bad back- my mom needs one. I think my dad will be building it this year for her 🙂 and thank-you for stopping by, as well 🙂

    Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms ‘n roots’s last blog post..Can Someone Help???

  7. Denise

    HI Tessa,

    Two easy ways to build a raised bed garden , one is to use straw bales. I love the look and at the end of the season you have great compost. The bed will bed at least 18 inches high.

    Another is to use a wood table. I find one at a sale for a buck or two that is part using in a house and put 6 to 8 inch boards on the side and fill with dirt. I do add drainage holes first so the water will not build up. You have a 3 to 4 foot high raised bed. Perfect for anyone with a bad back or in a wheel chair. I use the space under the table to store garden supplies. Denise

  8. WakeUpSerfs

    Some states have outlawed “hording” (having enough food in your home to last 2 weeks or more.) How insane is that? If you grow a lot of potatoes, or too much corn, or you know, happen to have an apple tree… then you’re one of those evil horders and get to go to prison.

    I wonder when they’ll outlaw gardens… that’s how rediculous things are getting. Obama’s paymasters don’t want you to have a garden, or be self sufficient, or healthy, wealthy, or wise. He’s a puppet of the CFR and other globalists who want to destroy the middle class. And they’re doing a great job of it.

    Live free!

  9. Michele

    Hey, does anyone know how the much publicized White House Garden turned out? Are they doing the upkeep? And, did they actually put in bee hives? I love this tradition, glad to see it happen, just want to see how sustainable it was for our first family.

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