Organic Gardening – Step away from your desk and walk among art

I just read an amazing story by Sheila Farr who writes for the Seattle Times. Her article entitled “Step away from your desk and walk among art.” It was published November 14. 2007.


The story made me realize just how much art is before out eyes every day. Old buildings, parks and even urban renewal; all these sites have color, design, and layer that trigger the mind. If you mix history in with these images you have a complete vision and story. All we need to do is look at what is around us.


This story is about a project called “Growing Vine Street” There is a link available you can read more about the project. And even download a book about the project, its history and where they hope to take the project in the coming years. 

Overall it’s a story that relays the history of the Belltown P-Patch and Cottages. Housing that was built in the early 20th century.

Many of the houses were torn down for revitalization projects in the 1990’s but three of the cottages were saved and gardens have been built around the buildings with a real effort to make a community based outdoor space available to the community.

Community garden space and sharing gardens are becoming more important in many towns and cities. This is due to the positive effect of gardens on people and the need for green space both for people and for the environment. More gardens are being set up with art, gardening and landscaping as its focus.

To read the entire story and see the photographs check out the site:

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