Organic GardeningTip – Terra Cotta Pots

In the spring I like to cover small seedlings, particularly cucumber and squash plants. These new seedlings are very susceptible to the cucumber beetle and other insects that will cut them off at night or chew on them leaving them weak and more prone to disease.

By covering them I can protect them from the insects that attack at night and the Terra Cotta pot has turned out to be the best cover.

It’s heavy enough that it will stay in place without blowing off at night and the pot also keeps the warmth near the plant. Just in case I get one last late frost they will protect my tender crop. As the plants grow I use larger pots.

I have used the pots for more than 10 years now and they are a must in my garden.

They are make a great house for a toad which feed on certain insects and will organically help keep your garden pest free.

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One response to “Organic GardeningTip – Terra Cotta Pots”

  1. sally

    Nice tip with the terra cotta pots. I never thougth of that.
    I have lost cucumber seedlings at night too. Next season I will cover my seedlings. Thanks

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