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Have you ever been to a “Dig your Own” flower garden? We have both an herb and a perennial flower garden business that are operated this way and it’s great experience.


I haven’t been to the herb garden yet but I stopped in at the perennial gardens yesterday and it was a great experience. There were over 4 acres of beautiful gardens and great plants at Sandy’s Perennials. Plus, Sandy, the owner was a fountain of information.

There were gardens in the front set up for shades, under trees, fountain area gardens and full sun gardens. Then there were the growing gardens where the plants were harvested. You just chose what you wanted and for a scoop of a perennial plant you paid two dollars.

Of course I came home with plenty of new plants and spent today getting them in the ground. And yes, I do plan to go back!

Sandy also had a work area and had a huge vat of Manure tea brewing. Manure tea is a staple in my gardens. It really picks up my plants production and growth and the price is right. I make my tea either out of Sheep manure. One coffee cup to 5 gallons of water is the recipe I use. I thin the tea down after it has brewed. I also use comfrey are a tea mix.

Sandy had plenty of advice on the plants she sells and how to grow them. She offers over 120 different perennials.

She has been in business for 15 years and started by trading pansies for other perennial varieties. Her small start has turned into a fun garden business. For those interest Sandy’s perennials in located just across the Pennsylvainia/Ny border near Ashville New York.

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