Pest Control – Battling the Pesky Mole – Organic Tip

If you are having problems with moles (or other small animals) try using this formula to drive them out of your yard:

  • 1/4 cup castor oil 
  •   2 Tablespoons of liquid detergent soap

Blend the two together in a blender. This is the only way they will mix properly. (I have a separate mixer for garden formulas and crafting needs)

Add 6 Tablespoons water, and then blend again

Store this mix in a container till needed.


When you are ready to apply the solution to the area where the moles are active:

Mix 2 tablespoons of the solution into 1 gallon of water. Pour it into the problem area (all over the affected area, not just down the holes).

Castor Beans

I have found that growing castor bean plants will drive moles off my land. They say that one plant will protect a two-acre area. They are beautiful plants and fun to grow but they have one major drawback for some people. They are highly poisonous!

If you have children I recommend you do not grow them.

I myself have never had a problem with kids getting into them or pets. I do grow them in a cute arty fence for added protection.

Tip: Castor beans need a long planting season so I either knick the seed or soak it to get it going quicker and I usually start them indoors and set out as transplants.

One other tip:

Moles are not supposed to like vibrations. Many people will put up the little wind spinners. It supposedly makes a vibration in the ground and will keep them away from certain areas.

I have had great success using the liquid mixture or castor bean plants to control the moles on my property.

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