Planting shrubs and trees: Time saving tip

One of the biggest time savers for care of your shrubs, trees and perennials is to save their information.

Just because you know the shrub is a Barberry “Rose Glow” does not mean your family does. If you have someone help you in your yard or sell the house later, all the information you know about this shrub may not be known by who ever is tending your plants and the plant may suffer or die from improper care.

Its wise and only takes a few minutes at the time you buy the plant to save a plant tag or research the plant to know its growing zone and other care its will need to grow and thrive.

Information you will need:

  • Climate needs
  • Watering
  • Shade or sun requirements
  • Soil needs
  • How much fertilizer
  • Insect problem
  • Disease problems
  • Height and width
  • Pruning needs
  • Is it invasive?Is it poisonous?

When I buy a plant I check all these areas and make notes. If I know someone locally who has the shrub or tree I ask if they have any problems.

I have just bought 28 shrubs and want to move 4 shrubs that I already have. I would also like to pick up a few more varieties of shrubs and replace some fruit trees that died this year. (My summer was very hard of shrubs and trees.)

I have researched the new varieties I have bought and will go out and get any nutrients I need and mulch for the new plants.

I also have perennials to divide and peonies to divide and move.  So it will be a busy fall. But I will make sure I have all the information on the new plants for future reference.

The following sites have been beneficial for me to identify shrubs, trees and perennials.

Shrubs for your home

Tree Guide



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  1. Elizabeth Barrette

    This is a clever idea, keeping track of plantings for future reference. I’ll have to keep this in mind.
    .-= Elizabeth Barrette´s last blog ..The Cloud Garden Begins =-.

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