Plants to Grow and Plant in the Fall

This is my favorite time for finding great deals on plants. With fall setting in and many gardeners’ harvesting crops and preparing for colder weather plants go on sale.

Geraniums were on sale yesterday so I bought ten. They need some tender loving care but they will blossom in the house until January and at that time I will take 5 of the plants and start new plants for the spring. (I should be able to get 20 starts from each plant.) And I will put the other geraniums away until march and bring them back out and water them to get them growing again.

Some people put their geraniums in pots and set them in an attic or warm basement until spring. I shake the geranium plants free most dirt and place in a brown bad until March. Then I replant them and water. I also cover the pot with plastic to create a greenhouse effect to give them a little more humidity and tender loving care.

You can still enjoy garden flowers indoors. I just planted sweet alyssum, dwarf marigold, browallia, ageratum, and nasturtium. They plants all grow well in a moderately cool (60 degrees F), sunny window. With these varieties I can fresh bouquets until November.

Note: Nasturtiums are also edible and add wonderful color and a peppery taste to salads.

And you can still grow a variety of vegetables. So take a look at your seeds and select 3 to 5 varieties to add color texture and fresh vegetables to your indoor living areas.

And it’s a great time to plant fall-flowering bulbs. In my garden areas I need to plant bulbs in raised beds and cover them with net in the fall to keep any squirrels out. This week I am making new raised beds and selecting my bulbs. I like to mix spring, summer and fall bulbs with perennials so that I always have color through three seasons.

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