Popular List of Jade plants: A great Indoor Plant

Jade plants make great houseplants and are rather easy to take care of. Below is a list of some of the more popular Jade plant varieties

Silver Jade Plant or Blue Bird Jade (Crassula arborescens): This jade is similar to the more frequently grown C. ovata but has blue-gray leaves with red margins. It has compact, rounded heads of pink flowers.

Jade Tree (Crassula ovata): This is the most commonly grown jade plant. Stout brown trunks support succulent glossy green leaves. The flowers are starry and white.

Copper Jade Tree (Crassula ovata ‘Bronze Beauty’): This type of jade plant has small coppery green leaves on extremely slow-growing stems.

Red Jade Tree (Crassula ovata ‘California Red Tip’): This jade plant has purplish red edged leaves when grown in bright light to full sun.

Golden Jade Tree (Crassula ovata ‘Sunset’): In bright light, the leaves are edged in gold. Very striking as a large specimen.

Tricolor Jade (Crassula ovata ‘Tricolor’): This cultivar is becoming easier to find. It has creamy white-and rose-striped pointed leaves and pink and white flowers. This is my personal favorite.

I always have a jade plant in the house and they are my favorite plant to give as a gift.

Check out this link for common problems and how to care for a jade plant: http://thegardenersrake.com/jade-plants-great-indoor-plants-with-a-bonsai-flair

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