Recession Garden Garden Plan

There has been much talk about Recession Gardens; gardens created with saving money in mind for difficult economical times such as we are having now. The thought is if more people grow as much of their own produce as possible they will save money by having higher quality fresh food. It will also save money for the government raising food for the country by cutting down on gas costs.
In the past these gardens were called Victory Gardens and were encouraged by the government. Gardens popped up in abandoned lots in towns and cities, in window boxes and containers, backyards, and any place a small piece of land could be found. Even rooftops in cities were turned into lush gardens.

At The Gardener’s Rake I made myself a challenge to put in a $20 recession garden. Why? Gardening seeds and costs for tools can add up but with a little thought and planning you can keep the cost down. Check out the beginning of my $20 Recession Garden

How can you keep costs down? Buy seeds on sale, trade seeds or share you crops with a neighbor and you each grow different crops. You can also buy any garden needs like tools at an auction house or garage sale. Two other costs in gardening are improving the soil and pest control. I will show you how to cut costs here too.

And one other area not to overlook is storing your produce in the fall. Freezing or canning produce is an option and I will have information here to help you with that.

Fresh food without chemicals and time outdoors enjoying the sun is beneficial to your health and will sooth the soul. So create a Recession Garden starting today and stop by often for more tips. Below are a few articles to help you get started.

How to Grow a Recession Garden

Recession garden plan

Raised bed Gardening

Bushel Basket Gardening

Small Space Recession Garden

This page will be updated on a regular basis so stop by often. I also encourage you to send in photos of your recession gardens.

Free seeds and plants

The above  link has great offers for FREE seeds and Plants. Check out my sister site:

Backyard Oasis

For ideas for Free Plants and low cost ideas for plants and seeds. There are also ideas for do it yourself design ideas and backyard projects.

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  2. Constance

    Hello I feel so lucky to have stumbled on “The Gardeners Rake” I was wanting to find different kinds of trellis and objects to attach to my wood fence so vines can grow up along the fence. And in looking for that info I came across this sight. Really enjoyed it, and its very informative. Thanks.

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