Recession Garden Plan for $20

I recently decided to put in my garden for the family for Twenty dollars in cost this year. It’s easy to get carried away with garden gadgets, tools and soil mixes. And with many people creating their first garden I thought this was the time to see about putting in a garden at a reasonable cost. Many gardens can cost between $50 to 100 to create. Red Lead Lettuce
Creative Commons License photo credit: iLoveButter

So I saw an ad in the newspaper for garden seeds on sale at the local hardware store. The price 5 for $1. I thought I would purchase my seeds there and pick up any additional seeds or trade for what else I wanted for the garden. I also decided to buy my tomato and pepper plants as transplants. Many first gardeners may not be prepared to start seeds early so by buying a larger plant and giving it special attention my goal it to harvest 30 pounds of tomatoes off each plant. I am not sure what I will get with the pepper plants.

Seeds I have purchased for the Recession Garden

  • Scarlet Globe Radish -2 packs
  • Beets – Detroit Dark Red and Early Wonder
  • Cucumbers – 3 packs Wisconsin SMR 58 (pickling)
  • Carrots – 2 packs Danvers Half Long
  • Beans -Yellow Top Notch Golden Wax Kentucky Wonder Blue Lake bush
  • Summer Squash – Early Crookneck
  • Swiss Chard – Fordhook
  • Lettuce, 4 packs – Buttercrunch, Black seeded Simpson, Dark Green Cos Endive
  • Herbs – sweet basil, oregano, borage
  • Flowers – Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Calendula, Sunflowers.

These were all purchased for $5. Cucumbers, carrots beans and the lettuce varieties all have enough seeds available for multiple plantings for the entire season. Striped German Heirloom Tomatoes
Creative Commons License photo credit: iLoveButter

I also purchased Vegetable Squash (winter Squash) and a large packet of Peas for $1 a packet. I have made plans to trade some of my Vegetable Spaghetti seeds for Butternut and Buttercup squash. I will also trade some of my yellow Summer Squash for Zucchini. I picked up onion sets and paid $3 for three pounds. So far my garden costs are $10

My tomato plants and pepper plants I will pick up in two weeks and plan to spend 50 cents plant. If I had to purchase garden tools I can get them at the auction for $1 a piece but I have what I need.

As for potatoes, I had potatoes that were starting to sprout so I will use them. I cut up my first batch for planting today and have them healing. This will take about two days. If you haven’t cut potatoes for seeding leave two eyes per section of potato. If you live in an area that has potato blight you may wish to purchase potatoes for seeding. They will cost about 4 to 5 dollars. Note: I plant my potatoes in baskets and use a straw method for planting. It increases the harvest and you have clean potatoes.

You may have to pay to have a garden spot plowed or you can grow in containers or use the no-dig method for gardening. And remember, you can plant a garden in a small space.

The rest of the money I have left will probably go for any additional seeds, composting materials or supplies for homemade insecticides. All of which ideas and tips will be posted at The Gardener’s Rake on the Recession Garden Garden Plan page.

Also check out the Free Seeds and Plants page for more garden saving ideas.

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