Recession Gardening: Storing Garden Produce

With the Obamas’ Kitchen Garden in Washington D.C and Recession Gardens being grown in all 50 states of America and overseas, the decision of how to store any produce is an important decision. Confitures
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There are several methods of preserving food, which include drying, freezing and canning.

Home canning will be covered in this article.

Home canning used to be a yearly event in most homes. But with changes in our society many people have limited knowledge or no knowledge at all of how to safely can food. Canning is work but it can also be fun and done as a family event.

It is rewarding seeing the produce from your garden properly stored for use later in the winter and spring and canning your extra produce will help stretch the income available in your home.

The you tubes below will give you an idea of the steps in home canning. Both water bath and pressure canning methods are covered in the you tubes.

Home Canning Basics – Part One

Home Canning Basics Part Two – Types of Canners

Home Canning Basics Part Three Easy – Steps to Home Canning

Types of canning methods

Home Canning Basics – Part Four – Water-bath-method

Home Canning Basics – Pressure Canning Part One

Home Canning Basics – Pressure Canning Part Two

Any additional questions about home canning can be answered through your local home extension office. Many extension agencies give away free information and pamphlets to help you safely preserve your food.

Ball canning products also gives away free information and money saving coupons. Canning recipes can also be found online.  salsa3
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And if you have additional food in your garden you will not be using, trade with you neighbors or donate the extra to your local food pantry.

There are many people that would benefit from your help and generosity.

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