Recycling tip for container gardening

I enjoy recycling materials in gardening when I can. The money I save on gardening supplies can be put toward new plants and seeds.

This week in my garden recycling projects I picked up garden pots, some of which will need repaired. With all the perennial plants I start I need all the containers I can find.

As I was looking for directions of how to repair a plastic pot I came across this use for old Pepsi and coke crates. These crates being made of plastic will hold up to weather and water and could be used for years.

What I enjoyed the most about this you tube was the use of the crates for proper drainage and the way this man has created waist high garden beds in his back yard by recycling items.

Many people cannot bend down to garden because of back or kneed injuries. This you tube may give you ideas on how to set up a raised bed or waist high garden area.

It also reminded me of the need for proper plant drainage for healthy insect free plants and garden crops. In my clay based garden soil proper drainage is always a concern.

I can also see these being used in a greenhouse or potting shed.

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