Roses, one of gardeners favorite flowers

Roses have a history that flows through time. You will notice there are very few gardens or yards that do not have a rose bush. I have a few and I am just moving into the miniature roses. I grow most plants successfully but the rose is a challenge. Mine live but do not thrive. I think its time I conquer the rose. Valentine's Roses
Creative Commons License photo credit: slgckgc

Growing up we had what would be called a wild rose or heirloom. They are known for their fragrance.  It was a light red rose with a yellow center that only bloomed in June and early July. I have never seen this rose in any other garden and it still grows up at the old house. It was there before my parents bought the house so my guess the rose bush is over 70 years old.

Besides the delicate beauty of the rose there are all the different colors and styles of roses. All rose do not have a fragrance but those that do make a statement. IMG_8401_RedRoseBud
Creative Commons License photo credit: Paul Schultz

For those of you thinking of selecting roses for your yard you may want to select them by the color. All flowers are said to have meaning but the rose seems to be the flower that most people know. Below are listed the rose by color and its meaning:

  • Red Roses – Love and romance
  • Black Roses – Vengeance
  • Blue Roses – Mystery and intrigue
  • Pink Roses – Gratitude and appreciation
  • Purple Roses – Love at first sight
  • White Roses – Innocence and purity
  • Green Roses – Fertility
  • Yellow Roses – Joy and friendship
  • Lavender Roses – Enchantment Orange Roses – Enthusiasm, passion

If you have a tip for growing roses successfully please let me know.

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