Save money on fall plants and shrubs: Part one

Fall is the time to look for plants, trees and shrubs.

At this time of year you can save money on plants that nurseries and garden center so not want to over-winter. The plants have usually been picked over so make sure that the plant is healthy and have not suffered neglect. DSC_0142
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If the plant looks healthy and meets your yards requirements, take it home and plant  as soon as possible.

With shrubs and trees I plant the plants as quickly as possible so that the roots will have a chance to start to grow before late fall and early winter set in. I usually plant them the same day as I bring them home.

I make sure the plants are deep watered each week until frost starts to hit my area (I am a zone 5 so that late October or early November). To deep water properly I use a one-gallon milk jug and poke a hole in the side with a nail. This will let the water slowly soak into the root system where it is needed.

When winter sets in I mulch around the shrub or tree with about 4 inches of mulch. It’s important to make sure the mulch does not touch the tree or shrub trunk. The trunk will breath better if the mulch does not touch. And mulch helps to protect the new roots that have started to grow.

At this time you may also want to decide whether to stake your new plants or use a canvas cover for wind protection.

I recently bought shrubs on sale at a store that didn’t want to over winter them. They were only $2 a piece for shrubs that were 3 to 4 foot tall and usually sold for $20 to $40. Shrub Mall
Creative Commons License photo credit: cliff1066

But before I bought them I wrote down the shrub name and came home and looked them up on the Internet. I wanted to know how tall they were, how much upkeep they needed and what their growing requirements were. The next day I went back and purchased shrubs. They were $1 a piece at that time.

I looked the shrubs over and selected the hardiest. My selections included, Barberry “Rose Glow”, two varieties of highbush cranberries, and juniper “Gold Cone.” There is still one shrub that I need to identify the variety. I know it’s an old-fashioned shrub variety but I haven’t narrowed the variety down by the name on the plant tag.

These bushes will be used in the front yard in new garden areas and in the side of the backyard. The smaller varieties will go in the front yard and the larger cranberry bushes will go in the side backyard.

There is still time to plant trees and this is the best time to divide perennials. If you have a friend or neighbor you can trade perennial plants with you will be able to save a lot of money and increase your perennial varieties. Withered, Weathered and Worn
Creative Commons License photo credit: prudencebrown121

These free plants will add color to your yard for years to come.

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