Should you use Natural Insecticides?

Going green, or helping the environment out by using few chemicals in gardening is a growing trend. One way to help nature is to cut back on yard and garden chemicals by using natural insecticides.

People are either for or against the use of natural insecticides.  These decisions are often decided by circumstances.  How advanced is the insect infestation?  What are you allergic to?  What will harm your plants?  What will be safe to use around your children pets or livestock?  What is available and accessible to you and how fast can you get it?  Do you need to use more than one method of control and removal? And with today’s economy, what is cost effective?

To get the most benefit from natural insecticides, you’ll need to understand the best way to use them.  What will work best for the type of insect you’re trying to control? But even with natural mixes you need to be careful what you mix.  Certain combinations of substances are unsafe or toxic.

One of the biggest benefits of a natural insecticide is that it comes from nature in some form.  That doesn’t mean it’s problem-free.  It just means you’re benefiting the environment by using a safer product that is not full of toxic chemicals.

An example is liquid garlic. Garlic is a natural plant that is grown around the world.  It can be used to keep insects off garden or farm plants. Mix with water and a dash of dish soap and this easy solution will ward off many insects.

Another example is Boric acid.  Boric acid is defined as a white crystalline weak acid that contains boron.  Boron is a mineral substance, and minerals are of the earth.

If you use things made with what the earth provides, you benefit and so does the earth, animals and humans.  Natural insecticides are not always the quickest way to solve your insect problem.  And it’s not always less harmful.  That’s why education on your choices is a must.

On-line sites will help you with natural insect mixes and green gardening techniques.  And you will find additional information at your local library or gardening books.

I have used natural insect control for many years. I have noticed the longer I use natural insecticides the less insects I seem to have and the healthier my overall yard is.

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2 responses to “Should you use Natural Insecticides?”

  1. Jackie Lee

    I used to use regular pesticides on my garden. I’m trying more and more to use natural things. I find it difficult to find things that will work on my garden. I’d love to hear more about natural pesticides. I hadn’t heard the garlic thing. What kind of bugs will it keep off your garden? I’m all excited to get my veggie garden started, but not looking forward to the bugs. 🙂
    .-= Jackie Lee´s last blog ..Garden Insomnia =-.

  2. Kitty

    I have used Neem for about the last 4 years and it is very effective. (from Neem tree, grows in South Asia: India, Bangladesh, etc. I need to buy more for this season. I bought it at Gardens Alive but it is available at many other places.

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