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A Small space garden can be created almost anywhere. As long as you can contain soil, you can make a garden. This includes those who live in an apartment or city. If you are extremely limited in you growing area this just means you have to get creative and plan your garden using alternative growing methods. container garden on the patio
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If you have space for a garden but just want to use the land more efficiently or cut back on gardening time, Square Foot Gardening is a gardening method that I have used and highly recommend. By using your soil in a more efficient way you cut down on weeding, watering and insect problems. The method uses one-foot growing sections and you learn how much room a plant needs to grow and how to use this area in the most efficient way. Using this method you can fit a small space garden in many areas.

Gardening using containers is versatile and a container garden can be located on a roof, balcony, and patio or along the driveway. Many successful container gardens are grown on a porch or in an indoor room, which adds to your growing. I must admit I have quite a large piece of property but container gardening is fun and I can change the look of my front and backyard by moving or adding planters and containers. One of my favorite containers to use is a bushel basket. I like the rustic look and I mix vegetables, flowers and herbs in the bushel baskets.

Raised bed gardening can make use of a piece of property that may sit by the garage, by a hillside or just in an area that gets sun but has bad soil. By creating a raised bed you can improve the soil, even out any uneven land and raise the bed so that it’s easier to work in. My neighbor created the nicest hillside garden and took a piece on soil that was impossible to use and turned it into a beautiful garden oasis that provides, flower, fresh vegetables and a wonderful background for patio furniture. This area now doubles as a small secret garden retreat.

Hanging baskets are also a wonderful way to add to your gardening space. Many people grow flowers but there are many vegetables that grow well and look amazing in a hanging basket, I grow an upside down hanging tomato basket every year. By growing cherry tomatoes from the bottom of the basket, they are easy to pick. And that leaves the top of the hanging basket for a bean plants, lettuce and a few herbs. Just make sure to water this hanging basket well.

One other way I use additional space for growing to use my windowsills. Windowsill boxes and small planters offer extra space and work wonderful in the winter months to extend you gardening season. I always have a pepper plant, tomato plants, seve4ral bean plants, herbs and greens growing in the house.

Sun rooms, porches, balconies and even a spare indoor room will work for small space  garden area. As long as plants have rich soil, adequate light and water they will grow anywhere.

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