Small Space Moveable Garden

Do you need a small moveable garden? How about one that catches attention and adds to a yard?

Today I saw the cutest salad garden created in a child’s red wagon. I stopped to talk to the owner and they had an old wagon that wasn’t being used and with fall and the end of gardening season almost here they decided on a fast small pace garden that could be moved from the cold if need be.

The mini salad garden contained a variety of greens and herbs along with vining nasturtiums. (Which are edible and wonderful when added to a salad) The wagon can be pulled in and out of the sun and brought in a night if the temperatures beginning to drop.

The wagon was lined with plastic because it contained edible plants. The plants were also grown in pots to help prevent any metal contamination. You could also use boxes or regular planters. If you were planting flowers you might not feel this step was necessary.

I could also see this as a small herb garden or a fall floral garden with mums in the wagon and gourds and pumpkins placed in and around the flowers.

And old tricycle could also hold a few plants. Often one found item that has been stored in a garage or attic can become a small space garden.

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