Small Space Patio Garden

mini pv lighting #2
Creative Commons License photo credit: thingermejigMany yards or patios do not have room for a large garden area, but there is a relaxing feeling to plants and a garden so even a mini plant corner is a great addition to any backyard or home.

This you tube video sets up a garden display or vignette for a patio area but it could be used on a balcony, in an apartment or in a backyard tucked in a corner or as a small accent garden.

I could see this garden, which is mainly a container garden, having more vegetable garden plants. Beans, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes are only a few vegetables that would do well. And the addition of herbs would add texture and more useful crops for the home.

This vignette planter could also be tied in with window boxes by using some of the design elements and color in both. This would expand you growing room and create a flow in design. By using intensive gardening techniques you could grow a nice variety of vegetables and fruit.

Mini gardens can be for display, a collection of unique plants or used to grow produce. With all the garden containers, soil and container available you can make a garden for almost any situation.

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