Spring Clean Up – Did winter trash your yard

Winter takes its toll in my Zone 5 garden climate. I have too many branches lying around the property and rocks from the road being plowed scattered through out the yard. The task of cleaning up the yard and gardens can be daunting if you let it.

Here are a few tips to make the work easier.

  • I start by cleaning up the clutter. The most important thing is the snow shovel is put away and I fix any mud ruts caused by the snowplow.
  • Gather the limb, leaves, trash and other items that accumulated over the winter months. The leaves and any grass get added to the compost pile and the limbs and branches go in a pile to be burned.
  • The family is invited over for a bonfire and yard work party. Rakes are handed out for raking rocks for the yard. Overgrown bushes and shrubs are trimmed back and the clipping added to the brush pile.

Everyone enjoys the first bonfire and cookout and the yard is a little more manageable. The added help cleans up my yard in a day with a lot less work. And the bonfire burns weel into the night.

I will still need to reseed any areas where the plow dug up soil and get the lawn mower prepared for the first mowing but the worst of the yard is cleaned up. I will mow the yard as soon as the ground is dry enough. It gives the property a more manicured look and the clipping are added to the compost pile.

Now is the perfect time to look around your yard and make any garden changes or landscaping plans. Without the time needed top mow and do other yard work you can set back and really see the yard and think about changes you would like to see. I also plan which flowers I will grow and if I need any new perennials.

Spring is a wonderful time for planning and changing your yard. Enjoy this time and make the most of it.

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