Stone Landscaping – Adding a creative angle

Locating the right stone

During the process of building your home, the probability of finding suitable rocks and stones in the area is also great. It is also very much possible that you may come across rocks of considerable importance.

Under the Bridge - Rock Detail
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In case of the premises being located in a rocky terrain, the prospects of unearthing rocks which could adorn the space is on the higher scale.

Places to trade for Landscaping Stones

Towards the procurement of the stones, most of requirements towards buying the appropriate landscaping stones should be reasonably met from any of the local horticulture stockist. Another sphere to be explored is that some of the organizations undertaking landscaping projects could also cater to the requirement along with its home delivery.

Assortment of Shapes and Colors

The stones are also available in uneven formations and sizes. The strong, craggy and jagged appearance of the stones adds to the persona of the individual in the home or office. They could also be custom made to suit your needs in terms of oval, squarish shapes etc. Whatever be your visualization of the finished appearance, stones could definitely find their own place.

Stonewalls as secure mechanism

Another method of putting the rocks and stones to effective use is by indulging in projects by building retaining walls. They have the distinct advantage of providing security and splendor to any landscape. It could be just another option of using stones other than the pathway to your home.

rock fence with tree too
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Gardens and Borders

Stone bordering is another fine way to decorate a garden or flowerbed. There are quite a few techniques to allow your thoughts to take wings to add color, variety to the pond or garden by arranging an assortment of stones and rocks.

Identification of the best stones

For some of the best stepping stones and retaining walls for a wonderful landscape are the flagstone and river rock varieties being two prominent kinds. River rock although smaller, is available in a variety of colors and in great quality. To suit to any kind to interior, flagstone can be found in different colors.

The best pick for filling the empty spaces in any landscape is the river rock. By filling the gaps river rock also effectively keeps away the weeds.

Towards the beatification of any office or home landscaping stones would add to the value and splendor in a revolutionary manner.

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4 responses to “Stone Landscaping – Adding a creative angle”

  1. Sharon

    Love the look of stones in the garden. They work as pathways, bordering walls or even as a birdbath if you find one with a suitable indentation. Natural is always better than “manufactured” in the garden, although some manufactured stone products look as natural as the real thing.
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Purple Coneflowers – Healing Medicine for a Host of Ills =-.

  2. Stones are also a favorite of mine. I like mixing moss and small flowers in the rock borders or on top of a rock fence. Denise
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..Stone Landscaping – Adding a creative angle =-.

  3. Although these stones are suitable for every project, a farmer’s field can be a good place to find free stones as well.
    It probably doesn’t work this way everywhere, but in the Northeast farmers clear their fields of large stones in the spring after plowing. These will all get dumped in a corner somewhere – all you have to do is ask!
    .-= Natural stone supplies´s last blog ..The big clean up =-.

  4. Denise

    We have many piles of rock dumped alone the fence lines and in a few cleared fields from years past. They do make great rocks for projects. Denise

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