Successful Urban gardening in the front yard

Many people have decided to raise a garden is small space or an urban setting. The reasoning for this is better quality food, going green and helping our environment and saving money.

Creating a garden in urban areas can tend to be a challenge due to lack of space. But with proper planning its amazing what you can grow in small spaces.

You will find that many gardeners have become quite creative in making use on any available space. Those who live in small apartments or in cities have created container gardens or balcony gardens. Other have removed much of their lawn and turned the yard into a lush garden.

The following you tube is a gardener who transformed his front yard into a very compact and large garden.

By using raised beds, small gardening area sections and vertical gardening you can make better use of space.

Walkways have also been placed to help with the garden layout and to help take care of any lawn maintenance.

One other point that was brought up in creating garden bed was the width. Many people suggest 4-foot wide beds. Over the years I have found that narrow garden beds work better for me. I have trouble reach in to wider beds. I have also found narrower beds fit better in most garden designs.

There were many great points brought up for garden layout and design, which benefit the look and use of small garden spaces.

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