Tag: Backyard Flower Garden

  • Deadheading Flowers – An Important part of the Flower Garden

    Deadheading flowers is an important part of having a flowering garden. Deadheading is removing the old flower blossoms from a plant. This keeps your garden looking tidy and fresh

  • Grow Edible flowers

    Flowers are known for beauty and conveying relaxation and harmony to the yard and landscape. They fill in bare spots in the lawn and help to blend sections of the yard and home together. They also have another purpose often overlooked, many are edible.

  • Build a Garden Faerie House With Old Windows

    There are many people who are drawn to the garden lore of fairies and how they protect and live in beautiful gardens. By planting certain flowers and adding garden art gardeners create a garden that will lure fairies into their gardens.

  • How to Plan a Cutting Garden

    Cutting gardens are easy and fun to grow and they add color and personality to your backyard garden area. They will also save you money on bouquets and flowers for crafting. Plan one today.