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  • Important Tips on Using Herbs from Your Home Herb Garden

    It is not easy to grow your own herb plants in your home garden because this requires you a lot of effort for the herbs to grow and flourish. But if you really take time to care for the herbs, they will also give a lot of advantages because they have so many uses.

  • How to plant a shrub

    Shrubs add to the beauty and relaxation of your yard. They also make a great backdrop for flowers and soften the edges of you home and garden areas. But they need to be properly planted

  • How to Slow Water Your Plants during a drought

    Setting your garden up for drought conditions can be done by using mulch or planting in containers so that they can be moved into shade or closer to water. You can also landscape your yard and gardens for drought by using perennials, using plants and trees that require less water, or by planting re-seeding annuals,…

  • How Did your Garden Grow?

    How did your garden grow? Use your garden experience to plan for next years garden