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  • Gardening Event for The Gardener’s Rake and Backyard Oasis

    A one week informational event on the gardeners rake and backyard oasis will be held for dealing with property damage, drought and flooding. Ideas for gardening, backyards and landscaping will be discussed.

  • How to Plant a Beautiful Lawn

    Your lawn can be a mix or mulch, ground cover or grass. Many people have been cutting back on the actual amount of grass in their backyard to help with time spent maintaining the lawn and watering. photo credit: cupcakes2 But whatever amount of lawn you have it need to be healthy and full with…

  • Small Space Garden Design Trends

    In the recent year the look of the backyard and garden area has been changing. There is more of an emphasis on extending the home living space into the backyard and making better use of whatever outdoor space is available, even what would be considered a “postage stamp” garden area.