Tag: creative gardening

  • How to Create a Tilting Clay Pot Garden

    A Tilting Clay Pot Garden saves space so is perfect for apartment dwellers, balconies and small patios. It also makes a great garden accent or focal point. And its fun to create!

  • Create you own Garden Trellis

    By using a trellis you can add beauty and color to an otherwise unusable area. You can also grow plants vertically to save space, add privacy and prevent plant insects and disease.

  • Caring for Your Indoor Bonsai

    Bonsai plants are extremely attractive specimens of age old practice. There are many people who choose to have bonsai plants in their homes because of their beautiful appearance. However, extra care is needed for indoor bonsai trees. This is mostly because they do not receive the full benefits of natural sunlight and natural weather conditions.…

  • Successful Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces

    A vegetable garden doesn’t have to be huge and hold tons of plants. Not everyone has the space for a garden like that, but they can grow thriving plants in a small area as long as there’s access to sunlight.