Tag: Creative Organic Gardening

  • Make Garden Compost in Two weeks

    How to make compost in two weeks. Time and money saving tips

  • May – A Time For Iris And Peony

    May is iris and peony time throughout our section. The real work has already been done on these two and the results indicate just how thorough we were. The main thing now is to provide plenty of water through the flowering season, to produce top quality bloom. Each iris plant should have a feeding of…

  • Garden Planning: Mix your gardens

    Another part of my garden planning is that the gardens are never just a flower, vegetable or herb garden; they are always a mix of all. All the plants compliment each other and often have insect control benefits when planted side by side.

  • Hay Bale Gardening Techniques

    Hay bale gardening has many advantages. Its easy on the back. You don’t have to dig the soil and its a great method to use if your soil is poor.