Tag: garden art

  • New uses for old garden tools

    Many of us have too many tools. If you find yourself in this position you may get inspiration from these useful purposes for old tools: Garden Art!

  • Gardening and Garden Art

    Most people consider gardening to be the traditional vegetable garden but there are all forms of gardens and gardening. And as you garden more you begin to enjoy a wider variety of gardens and often move into different garden styles and incorporate more garden art into the yard, gardens, patio and home and garden areas.

  • Create your own Moss Garden Art

    When the gardens are planted and crops are starting to be harvested it time to turn your attention to the “fun” aspects of gardening. Garden art falls readily into this category. How about creating a moss landscape rock or garden statue?

  • Fun with Terra cotta planters.

    With the gardening season just starting it’s the perfect time to create garden pots with flair. This you tube has ideas for decorating terra cotta pots.