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  • The Gardener’s Rake Rant

    There is always a gardening or backyard project to do. The garden season may be coming to an end for many people but starting and saving plants is almost a year round activity

  • Prepare your Garden beds in the Fall

    This is one of the best times to prepare a new garden bed or put to rest areas of your garden that may be done for the season. By preparing your garden bed now, you will be ready for an early spring or that first crop of spring peas.

  • How to fence a vegetable garden

    My gardens did well for the first few years but when the groundhogs and rabbits found the free food they sent out invitations and before long them garden was in ruins. And it’s important to put up a good fence. My one fence was ok but I had a ground hog that was smarter than…

  • Gardening project tips for August

    August is a good time for taking a mini break, in between harvesting to do other yard projects like caring for perennials and other flowers. Here’s an August to do list.