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  • Herbal kitchen Garden Contest Rules

    Rules for the Herbal Kitchen Garden Contest. Contest runs Sept 27 – Sept 11th. Sponsored by The Gardeners rake and hometown seeds.

  • How to grow an indoor Herb Garden

    It’s the time of year, mid august when I start thinking of growing herbs indoors and starting perennial herbs for next year.

  • Tips for a successful herb garden

    Herb gardens are one of the easier gardens to take care of and often recommended for the first time gardener who wants to learn how to garden. What makes herb gardening easy is that most herbs almost take care of theirself. But as with all gardening there are a few tips that will lead to…

  • Harvesting and freezing herbs

    Growing herbs add to any garden and landscape. They have beauty that add to any garden and also provide uses for crafting, culinary and medicinal care. Herbs have a wide harvesting season. It will depend on your climate and herb variety that you are growing.