Tag: organic gardening

  • Clean Your Pond And Control Algae Naturally

    If you want to clean pond algae and develop algae control naturally you need to investigate the various options that you have. Not all products will clean pond algae or other green organic material with the same gentle and natural manner. Some offer harsh chemicals which kill the algae but also harm the ecosystem of…

  • Controlling Powdery Mildew Organically

    Powdery mildew is a problem that plagues many gardens. With a little planning and a careful eye on the garden you can stop this problem or end it quickly if it occurs.

  • How to Treat Plant Diseases Organically

    During the dog days of summer plant disease tend to thrive. With a little care and watching your plants you should be able to cure any disease that could damage or kill vegetables, fruits or landscape plants. Any plant can fall victim to some type of plant disease. But before you resort to drastic measures…

  • Herbs for Natural Insect Control

    Herbs can be used for natural remedies for pest control in the gardens and backyard. Recipe is included in article.