Tag: organic gardening

  • Growing Herbs Organically For The First Time

    It can seem daunting to begin with an organic vegetable or herbal garden for the first time, but there are few better ways to be good to the planet while also being good to yourself and enjoying yourself.

  • How to Grow Broom Corn

    Broom corn has many uses and you will find it’s a fun crop to grow. Add other decorative corn, pumpkins and a few dried flowers and you will have a festive fall arrangement.

  • The Obamas Vegetable Garden at the White House

    Michele Obama, along with help from twenty-three fifth graders from Bancroft Elementary School in Washington, started to dig up the new 1,100-square-foot Victory garden plot in the White House Lawn on Friday March 20. The gardens location is near the Obama girls’ swing set and will be visible to people passing by the White House if using E Street.

  • Natural Insect Control Recipes and Tips

    Here are some natural pest control sprays that are not harmful to good insects or birds. There is even a unique way to control cabbage worms in this article.