Tag: plant care

  • Homemade Seaweed Spray and other plant sprays

    Listed below are several homemade sprays that I have used for years. Seaweed Spray, Chamomile Tea Spray and Apple Cider Vinegar Spray. All are good for indoor or outdoor plants.

  • How do you protect your plants from cold weather?

    How do you protect your plants from cold weather or a frost? A burlap cover around shrubs and trees and old blanket around plants will usually protect your plants.

  • Preserving The Color Of Peonies

    When planting Peonies plant as soon as they are obtained, being careful to set the division so that the top of the buds will be from 1-1/2 to two inches below the final soil grade after the plants are watered and have finished settling. If planted too deep you will probably get pretty foliage with a few or no blooms, and if too shallow, the buds will be exposed and are likely to get broken off by Old Shep when he serves notice on a stray cat or rabbit.

  • Planting shrubs and trees: Time saving tip

    Just because you know the shrub is a Barberry “Rose Glow” does not mean your family does. If you have someone help you in your yard or sell the house later, all the information you know about this shrub may not be known by who ever is tending your plants and the plant may suffer or die from improper care.