Tag: straw bale gardening

  • Straw Bale Gardening under Glass

    So far with my weather the straw bales sitting under glass are doing well. I had a small mini greenhouse I made of windows that were being tossed. The structure took a day to set up.

  • Lasagna Garden/Straw Bale Garden Plan

    This is my Lasagna Garden/Straw bale garden combination. I have combined the two garden techniques to simplify my gardens and improve the soil in this older garden bed.

  • Straw Bale Gardening: Potatoes

    One question I am asked a lot is about roots crops. Normally you do not plant root crops in straw bales. But I do have a straw planting technique for potatoes that is perfect for me. It saves space, time and the backache from digging up potatoes.

  • Straw Bale Gardening: pre-season

    You can start plants and seedling successfully using a straw bale cold frame. Later you can use this smale area for a mini small space garden, it will be all ready to go.