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  • Caring for Your Indoor Bonsai

    Bonsai plants are extremely attractive specimens of age old practice. There are many people who choose to have bonsai plants in their homes because of their beautiful appearance. However, extra care is needed for indoor bonsai trees. This is mostly because they do not receive the full benefits of natural sunlight and natural weather conditions. They might appear to be hardy. However, there are certain bonsais that will become fragile when it comes to light and water.

  • Perennial Gardening Business: Free Plants

    Even if you don’t want to start a perennial garden business there are places to get free plants that will add beauty to your yard. Free plants are always welcome if your plant addicted!

  • How to Use Vines in Your Garden for Almost Anything

    A great, low maintenance way to decorate your garden is with the use of vines, since they look good on almost anything. If You’ve got a fence that stands out in your lush green garden, growing a vine over it can be a quick and beautiful solution. Depending on what look you want, there are many vines that can meet your needs.

  • May – A Time For Iris And Peony

    May is iris and peony time throughout our section. The real work has already been done on these two and the results indicate just how thorough we were. The main thing now is to provide plenty of water through the flowering season, to produce top quality bloom. Each iris plant should have a feeding of one cupful of balanced fertilizer but it should be kept well away from the plant. It will be wise to note the ones that should be divided after flowering and perhaps prepare the soil for planting in new locations.