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  • How to fence a vegetable garden

    My gardens did well for the first few years but when the groundhogs and rabbits found the free food they sent out invitations and before long them garden was in ruins. And it’s important to put up a good fence. My one fence was ok but I had a ground hog that was smarter than…

  • Planters and Pots – Growing Vegetables in Containers

    Growing vegetables in containers – whether inside the house, in a greenhouse or just on the porch – has many advantages. Soil maintenance is easier. Pest control is simpler. There are more options for adjusting light and temperature levels.

  • Successful Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces

    A vegetable garden doesn’t have to be huge and hold tons of plants. Not everyone has the space for a garden like that, but they can grow thriving plants in a small area as long as there’s access to sunlight.