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  • Recession Garden Plan for $20

    Plant a recession garden for $20. Even if you live in a city or town you can still have a garden. Helpful tips in this article.

  • Grow Edible flowers

    Flowers are known for beauty and conveying relaxation and harmony to the yard and landscape. They fill in bare spots in the lawn and help to blend sections of the yard and home together. They also have another purpose often overlooked, many are edible.

  • The Obamas Vegetable Garden at the White House

    Michele Obama, along with help from twenty-three fifth graders from Bancroft Elementary School in Washington, started to dig up the new 1,100-square-foot Victory garden plot in the White House Lawn on Friday March 20. The gardens location is near the Obama girls’ swing set and will be visible to people passing by the White House…

  • The $25 Dollar Organic Victory Garden Challenge

    The Twenty dollar organic victory garden challenge is a challenge to put in a garden for under $25 dollars. Its idea is to promote people to raise a garden this year to help with our econmoy and to have healthier food.