Teaberry plants bring back childhood memories

I remember teaberry gum as a child. We were not given many sweets or gum as children but once in a while my parents gave us teaberry gum. I always liked the flavor and aroma of the gum. I was amazed one day while playing in the neighboring field to find a pretty plant with evergreen leaves and a small fragrant berry. I picked a small section of the plant and took it to my mother to see if she knew what it was.

It was teaberry and she told me the berry was safe to eat. It was not long before me and my brothers were hunting for teaberries. I mainly found this plant as a child in the neighbors open fields near the creek or forest lines.

Just recently I found many of the plants on an old dirt road that runs through a forest in Warren, PA. I have removed, with permission, some of the plants to a safer place. Being along the road it is only a matter of time before they will be dug away from snowplows and backhoes keeping the road in good shape.

The teaberries bring back childhood memories of long sunny days in the field. I also really like the look and aroma of this plant.

The berry is good to eat and many people like the plants to use in terrariums. The following link has more information on the plant. This plant also has herbal uses. http://thegardenersrake.com/teaberries-or-partridgeberry-plant-information

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9 responses to “Teaberry plants bring back childhood memories”

  1. kd

    I too had teaberry growing in the woods behind my house in South Jersey. And liked Clark’s Teaberry gum. When the berries were gone, I would chew on the leaves, and they had the same flavor.

    Now I am looking to grow teaberries at my home in California.
    On the hunt for seeds —

  2. Denise

    If there are any teaberry plants in your area they can be divided for more plants. I have also seen them in garden centers on and off. You can also collect the teaberry and plant the seed.

    As for buying seed, I would try the more unique seed companies or those that offer heirloom and vintage seeds. Thanks for stopping by, Denise

  3. rjj

    Earlier today I came across the New England Wildflower Society Guide (go to google books and search on William Cullina, New England Wildflower Gaultheria procumbens) – it says the plant is difficult to grow from seed. Cuttings seem better. Particularly because it is a slow grower. I found two places with established plants in 4″ and ordered them.

    Not sure if this information is useful. Best of luck getting them going in California.

  4. Joan McCool

    I remember picking teaberrys on Sundays with my Grandfather after Sunday school , then he would make ice cream with teaberrys in it. Later, when my children were young, I introduced them to Hershey’s teaberry ice cream. My oldest daughter has been looking for it for at least 35 years. I was 3 and 4 when I helped my Pap Pap pick them, I am now 71, and can still remember the coolness of the stream where we would find them.

  5. Denise

    Teaberry ice cream sounds wonderful.

    We used to be able to buy teaberry gum, but I haven’t seen it in years.

    Nice memories you have, Thanks for sharing. Denise

  6. Nancy

    I, too, remember eating wild tea berries on our farm in central PA. I loved them and I love teaberry gum. I can find it still occasionally. I would love to find some plants for my yard.

  7. Mike Edmonds

    I remember the gum as a child, and my aunt finding it for us in the forest of SW VA. I would love to try it for making tea. Does anyone know where the plant can be bought?

  8. Barbara

    My great grandparents would make Teaberry ice cream in the hand crank freezer when I was a child in central Pennsylvania – my favorite! I came across this site looking for the actual manufacturer of the teaberry candy. There are many websites who sell teaberries and the Clarks teaberry gum. I actually have found it in several places locally as well (central Kentucky). Just Google teaberry or teaberries.


  9. Denise

    Specialty catalogs and heirloom seed catalogs carry the plants or seeds. Try an onlione search fro teaberry plant sales.

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