Teaberry plants bring back childhood memories

I remember teaberry gum as a child. We were not given many sweets or gum as children but once in a while my parents gave us teaberry gum. I always liked the flavor and aroma of the gum. I was amazed one day while playing in the neighboring field to find a pretty plant with evergreen leaves and a small fragrant berry. I picked a small section of the plant and took it to my mother to see if she knew what it was.

It was teaberry and she told me the berry was safe to eat. It was not long before me and my brothers were hunting for teaberries. I mainly found this plant as a child in the neighbors open fields near the creek or forest lines.

Just recently I found many of the plants on an old dirt road that runs through a forest in Warren, PA. I have removed, with permission, some of the plants to a safer place. Being along the road it is only a matter of time before they will be dug away from snowplows and backhoes keeping the road in good shape.

The teaberries bring back childhood memories of long sunny days in the field. I also really like the look and aroma of this plant.

The berry is good to eat and many people like the plants to use in terrariums. The following link has more information on the plant. This plant also has herbal uses. http://thegardenersrake.com/teaberries-or-partridgeberry-plant-information

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