Teacup Table decorations for the holidays

With parties coming up making a individual teacup decoration for your guests can be fun, simple and inexpensive. And they leave with a gift.

Old teacups are farily easy to find at sales. Especially if they don’t have a matching cup or saucer. I buy them up ahead of time and put away for gardening purposes, parties and gifts.  I pick them up for 10 cents to 25 cents. I don’t care if the cup and saucer don’t match, it just takes on the shabby sheak look if they don’t.

With the holidays coming up you could fill a cup with a piece of oasis and stick fresh cut pine or ground pine in. If you have dried flowers add a few. You could even add fresh flowers.

If you used all pine as a filler in the cup, add christmas ornaments or wrap small pieces of styrofoam up to look like packages and stick in. Add ribbon to the handle and scatter a few pieces of candy on the saucer.

Fill the teacup with candy. Its fast and festive!

Make a candle in the teacup. I used to do this and take them to craft shows. They sold very well and received a lot of comments.

Make a simple sachet using pine greens, cinnamon, clove, cedar chips and mini pine cones. Tie the sachet with ribbon and sit in the cup. If you dried flowers from your garden you can add these to the sachet mix also. Dried flowers can also be picked up at craft stores.

Teacup planter

One of my favorite gifts to give to company is a teacup planter. I use a teacup with a saucer. Fill the teacup with a sandy soil mix. I place a few pebbles in the bottom. Cacti plants work best in a small teacup. make sure not to overwater. I suggest just misting them so the soil does not get too damp and soggy.

Ivy also works well in a teacup planter.

One fun Centerpiece

At a party I went to the centerpiece was a old glass vintage punch bowl. The bottom of the bowl had been layed with the rock they use in fish aquariums. It was put in in such a fashion that it had a sand art look. The soil had been added at the last minute along with fresh small plants. The teacups were scattered on the buffet table and they each had a plant in with dried flowers and ribbon tied on the handle. it was an unique festive centerpiece.

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3 responses to “Teacup Table decorations for the holidays”

  1. sally

    This is a great idea! I am so glad I found this blog site.

  2. Fonda Fletcher

    Thanks, what an innovative idea. What a special gift idea. I always like to give personalized gifts that suit the persons personality that makes them feel special. I love your site!

  3. admin

    I enjoy unique gift ideas and items that are one of a kind. These teacup centerpieces are fast and so versitile for different occassions, Denise. the gardenersrake

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