The $25 Dollar Organic Victory Garden Challenge

I am a big organic gardener. Chemicals do no belong on my property. I also use square foot gardening techniques and believe that everyone should grow a Victory Garden or participate in a Community Garden. This is even more important now with our economy and other nations also struggling with soaring costs. IMG_0486
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I saw this blog article and it is a wonderful challenge. I plan to watch its progress and hope that other will follow too and start a victory garden. Gardens can be costly to start but with care you can create one for very little cash output and raise wholesome food that is better for your family. You will also cut down on you grocery bills.

Check the article out! Twenty Dollar Organic Victory Garden Challenge

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3 responses to “The $25 Dollar Organic Victory Garden Challenge”

  1. Well, I know my garden is underway! So much so that my flower beds have been neglected for a few years- it’s hard for me to do both. This year I’m going to add some things and do some nice clean up. Happy almost spring to you!

    Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms ‘n roots’s last blog post..Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- March

  2. denise

    Hey Tessa,

    It must be nice to be totally digging in the dirt. I have the greenhouses and cold frames and I split up perennials today, but that about all I can do for now.

    Yes, its hard to do both gardens of they need overhauled. One year I covered my perennial garden bed with leaves and straw to build up the soil and ignored it all season. I did add a few potted plants for color. The next year it was ready to go with little work. (I really am a lazy gardener when I can be) 🙂

    Your site is just getting more fun to look at each day! Denise

    denise’s last blog post..How to Decorate your Backyard Koi Pond

  3. carol

    Last year was my first year for a square foot garden. It turned out well but I should have worked with building up the soil more. But the crops did well and I used my very limited garden space to the max!

    The garden started out as a challenge for victory gardens.

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