The Art of A Living Roof- Organic Gardening – La Times Article

I just read an article that was in the Los Angeles Times paper written by Debra Prinzing. It’s about having a living roof. By having soil and a growing garden of sorts on your house roof or deck you add to improving the environment and have the enjoyment of a creative yard or garden at the same time. You also have a natural insulation with heat retaining benefits. An excerpt from the Nov 1 La Times article states, “PLANT a rooftop; change your life. That’s Pamela Berstler’s mission. By converting traditional heat-generating roofs into energy-saving ecosystems where succulents and wildflowers flourish, the West Los Angeles landscape designer hopes to transform the local landscape, one green roof at a time.”

It’s a great thought and the ideas behind it and how it was accomplished in the article.

In order to make a living roof you need to hire a contractor to make sure its properly built and a landscaper for the gardening layout and problems related to a roof garden.

I am not sure how long this would take to catch on but the idea of improving the environment and being able to have a yard or garden in a city area has great potential.

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