The Backyard Garden Pool

A pool adds to the backyard and garden area but if it a new addition blending it into the landscape and overall look and relaxation of the home can be challenging.
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The built in pool can be made to fit in quite easily with a patio or terraced garden area but the above ground pool needs a little more creativity to make it part of your home and garden.

There are several fast end easy ways to blend your new above ground pool into the landscaping.

Add a deck. The deck will add to the space available near the pool and can double as n entertainment area. Place a few porch boxes for flowers in the rail and a container garden on the deck for flowers and vegetables. Carry the colors into the rest of the yard and you will create a flow in the backyard garden area. You can even add small potted trees that can later be moved indoors.

To blend the area under the deck into the yard you can put lattice board there to hide the space and use it for storage or put thick mulch under the deck and flowerpots or flowers by the deck edge. I have even seen vines used in this area and it has a very artistic look.

If you don’t have a deck you can place mulch around the pool area. You can add a few potted trees or mini container garden arrangements to add color. A bench an umbrella would also add a feeling of relaxation to the area.

A small arbor near the pool with vines will create a place to rest and shade if properly placed. It will make you pool area into a small secret garden area.

A patio will also blend the pool into the garden area. The patio can be as easy as laying down indoor outdoor carpeting and adding a few chair or more of a project with rocks or cement.

The main concern here is to enjoy the pool, the backyard and your garden areas. By finding a common design thread or with the use of flowers and colors you can easily blend your pool into the backyard garden area.

The Backyard Oasis has many articles on the backyard pool and how to set it up to make it part of your landscape design.

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