The Blue Dendrobium Orchid:Colorful and Rich in History

It’s rather surprising how the desirability of the blue dendrobium orchid is increasing at such a fast pace. On the other hand, maybe it is not so surprising. It forms attractive and long-lasting blooms in vivid tones of blue and is a stunning addition to any floral display.

It’s also a popular choice of lots of orchid growers, and it is remarkable to note that this lovely blossom is turning into a highly stylish house plant as well.

The blue dendrobium holds a rich history. It is indigenous to the Philippines where it flourishes as a natural species. It is quite comparable in appearance to particular moths that flit all around in the wilderness of that country.

However a transformation has happened in the blue dendrobium that is being sold in recent times in comparison with the typical plants that grow in their natural habitat. The present kind is a cross that’s in fact a good deal more brilliant in color than its long-established ancestor.

The blue dendrobium orchid is in fact somewhat rare and there are a few sorts that are even dying out. This is largely because their indigenous surroundings have been wiped out. But you can cultivate this attractive orchid at home as long as you possess determination, diligence and the correct knowledge concerning how to raise these flowers.

In terms of raising the blue dendrobium orchid, you will need to be sure to follow one simple principle. The hotter it is, the more water you will need to offer it; and the cooler the temperature, the less watering is necessary.

This may seem obvious; however the reality is that you will need to adjust your watering schedule according to the season. Throughout the summer you’ll need to water these flowers approximately every five days, or less, however in wintertime you can wait up to 12 days in between waterings.

Of course, if you don’t possess the time or persistence to tend the blue dendrobium orchid you can always buy them from numerous florists, both on the internet and off. You can obtain just-cut blue dendrobiums in assorted shades. They make a superb addition to a bridal bouquet, and furthermore are a very striking centerpiece for the wedding reception, or even as a gorgeous flower arrangement for your home.

By Guest writer: Sara Duke

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