The Fall Chrysanthemum Flower Garden

Fall gardens add color when many other flowers are fading. And one of my favorite fall flowers are Chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemums are available in all shades of colors and blend and match so well with the fall foliage. At this time of year there are many plants available and with proper care they can be planted and will return the flowing year. They can also be overwintered or you can take cutting and create more plants. They are really a very versatile plant.

And overall they are easy to take care of and are not bothered by as many insects as many flowers or plants.

For an easy to set up garden you may want to plant an all chrysanthemum flower garden. Between the varied colors and the different flower head types (spoon, pompom, single, reflexed, intermediate and incurved) you will have a simple to set up but elegant garden. You may even want to consider planting half the garden in a container and moving the plants around for “instant change.”

With chrysanthemums I also like to mix pumpkins and gourds. They add that festive fall celebration feel and by varying the size of pumpkins and using ornamental gourds you can create a very interesting and inviting fall garden.

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