The Fall Season in NW PA.

There’s something about fall that makes it one of my favorite times of the year. Barn
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It’s amazing how the look of the land changes when the leaves fall and the grasses die back. I walk one dirt road in NW PA almost daily and watch the seasons work its magic on the scenery. It’s like a new painting on canvas every day.

With the leaves falling the last few days the view has changed so much I have trouble placing my location on the winding scenic road. I have more of a view of the creek all the small streams that feed into the Conewango. This evening I watched 14 turkeys cross the road. My companion, Nikia, a big white Husky, enjoyed the parade as much as I did.Balto the husky
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After a four-mile walk, enjoying the scenery and the sound of crunching leaves under my feet, it’s time to return home and collect apples for making cider.

It’s been several years since I made cider. We have many apple trees on the property so cider pressing has been a tradition for many years. I try to mix the apple varieties in a manner that makes a good cider. That’s usually two thirds red apples to one-third yellow or green apples. And if you’re lucky to have pears you can add a half bushel to bushel of those. Pears add a sweetness that emphasizes the apples taste.

I press my cider at an Amish cider press and that always makes for a fun day. A battery instead of electricity operates their cider press. Homemade jelly, fresh bread and pies are often for sale in the office areas and as many puppy and small children are running around the yard.

I collected ten bushels of apples for my cider this time. That’s should make 30 or more gallons. I will sell some and use the rest. Hopefully I will make another cider batch for Halloween. two stickers
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2 responses to “The Fall Season in NW PA.”

  1. Cathy

    You might also want to try making Apple Butter or plain dried apple slices. Dried apple sliced are great to take to work in the winter and they remind you of better weather.

  2. Denise

    I make applesauce, dried apples slices(one of my favorite snacks), apple butter and apple rollups. The kids love them and they are great for hiking.

    Thanks for your comment. Denise

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