The Final Garden Touches: Garden Art

Gardens are fun but they can also be a lot of work. Their purpose may be to supplement your pantry, offer fresh food with little to no chemicals or to brighten your yard with flowers and shrubs.

No matter what type of garden you have garden art add cheer, color, whimsy or personality to the yard. It may even add time saving features with a little flair.

When you add garden art you first need to think about the space you have. Is your garden wide open and spacious and need some warming up or is it tree lined and crowded?

You also need to take into consideration the existing structures. Do you have garden fences that could hold some adornments or trees that could be adorned?

Take into account the feel of the garden and space. Are you going shabby chic and plan to add antiques in your yard or will you be adding a sculpture garden? You can also set a feminine or masculine tone to the garden. It’s just important to stick to a theme once you pick it or you will get a cluttered look.


  • Local garden centers, nurseries and garden catalogs are a great place to get ideas.
    Wide open spaces can handle larger garden art including ponds or fountains, a nice bird sanctuary including a feeder, bath and wild flower area, or some larger sculptural pieces.
  • Use existing structures as backdrops. Hang items from that barn, utility shed or fence and create a small area of rest in an otherwise work-related area. Tucked away corners in yards make a great secret garden
  • Those smaller tree-filled spaces could be used in a three dimensional approach by hanging items from the trees and around the bases. Wind chimes, lanterns, tea candles and hanging plants are among my favorites.

I use garden art as the final touch to my gardens and yard. I change their positions each year to give the yard a new fresh look.

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